Appendix I - Materials and Cost

The materials used in the construction of both the Valved Reflux and the Internal Reflux stills are tabulated below along with their cost. Prices and availability can vary significantly depending on your location. These prices are representative (i.e. best found) of those in the Northeastern area of the U.S. during the first quarter of 2001.

Valved Reflux Still Top End Summary

ComponentSize Qty.Cost
Column Cap2”13.00
Cap Nipple2 x 3”11.00
Still Head Tee2 x 2 x 1½”216.00
Still Head Column Nipple1½” x 1¾”1.40
Condenser Nipple2” x 3”11.00
Condenser Reducer3” x 2”111.21
Condenser Shell3” x 6”12.22
Cooling Coil¼” x 48”11.60
Coil Compression Elbows¼”44.00
Cooling Supply Tubes¼” x 4823.20
Cooling Inlet Caps½”2.60
Cooling Supply Elbows½”2.80
Cooling Supply Nipples½” x 3”4.50
Reflux Cap2”13.00
Reflux Nipple2” x 3”11.00
Needle Valves¼”26.50
Reflux Tube¼” x 4½”1.25
Reflux Column2” x 28”19.10
Column Coupling2”13.00
Column Flange2”11.75
Tube Straps½”2.30

Internal Reflux Still Top End Summary

Column Cap2”13.00
Cap Nipple2 x 3”11.00
Column Reducing Tee2 x 2 x 1½”18.00
Column Outlet Nipple1½” x 2”1.40
Condenser Elbow1½”13.49
Condenser Top Nipple1½” x 21.40
Condenser Reducing Coupling1½ x 1”13.12
Condenser Core1” x 23”12.30
Condenser Core Output Reducer1” x ½”11.34
Condenser Core Input Reducer1½” x 1”13.12
Condenser Jacket1½ x 16¾11.70
Condenser Cooling Reducing Tee's1½ x 1½” x ½”210.26
Condenser Cap Nipples1½” x 2¼”2.50
Condenser Caps1½”2.80
Cooling Tubes½” x 8”26.40
Stainless Hose Clamp2”11.50
Brass Screen9 sq. in.1.90
Reflux Column2” x 36”111.70
Column Coupling2”13.00
Column Flange2”11.75