Internal Reflux Condenser Core

Internal Reflux Still The Condenser Core

The condenser core is the innermost tube that runs inside the water jacket of the condenser. It’s made from a piece of 1" tubing and two copper fittings.
Internal Reflux Still Condenser Core 1To make the core you begin by soldering together a 1½" X 1" reducing coupling to a 23" length of 1" pipe. Be sure to clean the fittings and pipe with sandpaper or a stiff wire brush so it shines.

Then brush on some flux to both pieces before soldering, and use lead-free solder on all joints.


When you heat the joint enough with a torch, the solder will be sucked up into the joint. While the solder is still runny looking and shiny, wipe the joint with a clean rag. Makes a nice finish on the joint. Then solder a 1" X ½" reducing coupling on the other end in the same way. When you get done, it’ll look like this:

Internal Reflux Still Condenser Core 2

This is a good time to run a brush or wet cloth through the core to clean up any flux that may have run into the tubing and fittings.